Established in 2008, Fill The Gap was created exclusively for Hygienists by Glenda Cowley, a London trained Dental Hygienist with over 25 years of experience and insight into the realities of clinical practice.


She saw that Hygienists found it extraordinarily difficult to take time off to recover from illness or injury, to take holidays, CPD days or have a baby without some negative fallout.

Glenda realised that there was no one to step in when Hygienists needed to step out.

Fill the Gap provides that support system so you can take time out, enjoy your work-life balance and well deserved holidays, prevent burn out and maintain passion for your career.

You step out - Fill the Gap steps in.

Take the initiative as many Hygienists are now doing and contact Fill the Gap for a locum Hygienist ~ OHT to step in when you want to step out.


Fill the Gap clinicians understand the complexity of patient care and consider it a privilege to look after your patients with a supportive non critical attitude, while you take a break.

Would you like to join the Fill the Gap team?


Fill the Gap provides opportunity for extra work, new challenges and insights, flexibility and variety with appreciation void of politics.

Prerequisites for joining the Fill the Gap team:


Fill the Gap locum agency is not for everyone.

  • 5 years of full time clinical experience.

  • An adaptable and congenial personality.

  • A calm professional demeanour with well developed interpersonal skills.

  • An impeccable presentation with absolute reliability and punctuality.

All potential applicants are considered, interviewed and selected according to certain criteria.

Book a Fill the Gap locum Hygienist in advance for when you plan to take time off.

General Hygienist enquiries and enquiries about joining the Fill the Gap team:
Phone: 0405 229 226

Contact details for Melbourne, Victoria: