It's 6.30am and your Hygienist calls in sick! What do you do? Cancel and reschedule? Are you willing to loose patients and profit?

Thats a high price to pay for an absent Hygienist ~ Oral Health Therapist.

Need a locum to step in quickly?

Call Fill the Gap to provide a highly experienced locum Hygienist to step in when your Hygienist steps out, as over 50 forward thinking Melbourne Practices are doing.

To have Fill the Gap on your speed dial you need to register your practice before the emergency arises!

Contact us to register.

Your Hygienist takes time off for annual leave, CPD days or maternity leave, now what!?

Hygienist taking holidays?

Do you close down the appointments book? 
Empty chair, redundant surgery? No profit? Roll your eyes? Surely not? 
Book a Fill the Gap Hygienist in advance.

Your Hygienist is leaving? Do you sift through endless CV’s followed by multiple, futile, time wasting interviews?

Do you have a Hygienist leaving?

Call Fill the Gap to discuss permanent replacements and save all the drama and hassle. Leave it to Fill the Gap to select your Practice appropriate Hygienist.

When your Hygienist steps out … Fill The Gap steps in.