Weve received amazing feedback from our valued dental practices:


Dental On Cue

1 Studley Park Road
(03) 9853 2044


Dear Glenda,

We just wanted to take the opportunity to express how impressed we all are with the quality, skill, professionalism and appearance of the 2 locum   hygienists you placed with us.

Initially we wanted to have just the one hygienist to keep consistency for patients as well as minimal impact upon the nursing staff, however we were sorely proven wrong as both of the hygienists you contracted to us were very compatible and worked well with our staff, not to mention patients, of which commented on both hygienists very positively. It comes as no surprise to you I am sure that we have offered one of them a job and would have happily taken both hygienists off your books if we had the patient load!

We were thrilled with the temps having a thorough knowledge of the equipment we had in each room, how we ran the practice and the ease of adaptability they showed which reflected on the quality of the ‘briefing’ you supplied them. They were also very proactive and didn't require much assistance from the staff at all, which is a stark difference to what we experience with temp nurses!

In short, thank you very much for the wonderful experience we would have no hesitation using your services again and recommending Fill the Gap to other practices as well.

Kind regards

Excellence in Dentistry

9th Floor, Farrer House
24 Collins Street
(03) 9654 5179 


Glenda and her team at Fill The Gap provided a valuable Locum Hygienist service at our Practice allowing continuity in patient care for the time that they were required.

The Hygienists were experienced and highly professional, settling in with minimal fuss and resulting in little if any disruption to our patients and Practice, as well as maintaining a high standard of care.

Thanks again for an amazing service!

Dr Trevor Jarrett: Practice Manager

131 St Georges Road
North Fitzroy
(03) 9481 0479 


Practice Managers all over Melbourne should have Glenda on their speed dial! Knowing there are professional, responsible and friendly Hygienists ready to step into your practice without fuss is a blessing.

The Practice continues to function smoothly and there is no interruption to the schedule or to the level of service provided.

It is refreshing to find a locum agency that operates at such a high level of professionalism and with Hygienists who are obviously experienced, knowledgeable and are a pleasure to have as part of our team, even just for a day.

Glenda is friendly and helpful, has always returned my calls and emails promptly and been able to help us out almost always.

Great work Glenda and the team!

Ms Renata Emilianowicz
Dip Prac Mgt
Practice Manager


409 Nicholson Street
North Carlton
(03) 9349 2591 


I have used the services of Fill The Gap to provide seamless coverage of annual leave, sick leave and maternity leave in our Hygiene Department.

Fill The Gap provides experienced Hygienists with exemplary clinical and interpersonal skills.

In addition, I have found the approach and skills of the Hygienists from Fill The Gap to be so valuable, that I have continued to use their services in mentoring roles to my Hygienists with great success.

My patients love the Fill The Gap Hygienists and are always motivated to return for future appointments.

Fill The Gap is an essential back-up system for the Hygiene Department in my practice

Jo Calder
Practice Manager

Pascoe Vale Dental Group

271 Gaffney St
Pascoe Vale
(03) 9354 7111 


After a history of not being able to find professionally mature and reliable Hygiene /Therapist Staff and Temps, I was sceptical about relying on yet another recruitment Agency.

My first impression over the phone was of a highly qualified and organized company. After meeting with Glenda, I was more than confident that my expectations would be met.

The Pascoe Vale Dental Group then engaged the services of “Fill the Gap” Locum Dental Hygiene Agency.

After now having “Fill The Gap” and Glenda work for us on a number of occasions over several months, I have found that this Temp Agency is capable of delivering …and to an exceptionally high standard…the requirements of our business needs.

Glenda is a delight to work with and her approach to work ethics and, her professional level of reliability and competency are second to none. The staff have all supported the appointment of “Fill the Gap” and Glenda has personally added value to our practice and our existing Hygiene department.

I have no hesitation in recommending “Fill The Gap” to any Dental Practice requiring the professional services of Hygienist and Therapist.

I look forward to establishing a long and prosperous relationship with “Fill the Gap”

Mary-Louise Davey.
Practice Manager

Dental and Health on Clarendon

383 Clarendon Street
South Melbourne
(03) 9690 3285


The services of Fill the Gap were ‘A’ class and extremely valuable.

It’s a blessing to know that I can get a Hygienist at short notice. Knowing your high standards of staff and professionalism, I wouldn’t waste my time going anywhere else or advertising.

The Hygienist you provided is an asset to your business.

I loved the way you came out to practice to see how it runs, detail the systems used and the equipment available for the Hygienists…. you actually care about the practices, your business and your Hygienists and where you assign them! … You are the best employer!

The website is very clear and precise, terms and conditions very reasonable. I would absolutely not hesitate to use the services of Fill the Gap again.

Marty Copocchi
Practice Manager

Dr Trevor Jarrett

131 St Georges Road
North Fitzroy
(03) 9481 0479 


I could not speak more highly of the services provided by Glenda Cowley and the team at “Fill The Gap”. 

We have had Glenda helping us for 6 months or so and can vouch that Glenda runs both the business and clinical sides of her operation as an absolute professional.

We have predominantly had Glenda herself ‘filling our gaps’ and I have been incredibly impressed with her ability to settle into our practice – she just feels like part of the regular team.

Her presentation is impeccable, her clinical approach is gentle yet thorough and her 18 years of experience have given her exceptional people skills.

Actually, I write this with some reluctance because I do not really want too many to discover how good they are at ‘filling the gap’!

Dr Trevor Jarrett BDSc (Hons) QLD
Principal Dentist

Canterbury Family Dental

214 Canterbury Road
(03) 9830 5182


Thanks to Fill the Gap, I have been able to keep my hygiene department running smoothly with minimal disruption to my practice.

Glenda and her experienced team have been excellent. My staff and patients love them!

I can highly recommend Fill the Gap.

Dr Andrew Langton-Joy

CBD Dental Studio

8/412 Collins Street
(03) 9670 4199 


Fill the Gap Hygienist Agency has provided an invaluable service to my Practice over the last few years. Whenever one of our Hygienists has been sick or on holidays, Fill The Gap Agency has always been able to provide a high quality Locum Hygienist.

Ms Glenda Cowley has always been very courteous to deal with and extremely professional. I highly recommend her agency for any Locum Hygienist services.

Dr Leon Anaf BDS LDS

Dental Heath Care Associates

Kurrajong House
4/175 Collins Street
(03) 9650 2902 


The Hygienists supplied by ‘Fill The Gap’ Locum Dental Hygienist Agency service, upheld the standards required in my practice and achieved a pleasing level of customer satisfaction.

The Hygienists supplied brought excellent clinical skills and enthusiasm for their role.

I can recommend Fill The Gap services should you need a temporary Locum Hygienist.

DR. Alistair Steele

Wattletree Dental Clinic

88 Wattletree Road
(03) 9500 1211 


Whenever we at The Wattletree Dental Clinic need a ‘Hygienist in a hurry’, Fill The Gap has always responded in a timely, professional and efficient way fulfilling all our requirements for a Dental Hygienist; this has resulted in no down time and no rebooking of patients allowing us to provide uninterrupted optimal dental care.

I would strongly recommend the services of Fill The Gap and Glenda Cowley.

With thanks
Dr. Richard Minc

Complete Dental Care

Ground Floor
468 St Kilda Road
(03) 9866 1171 


Thank you so much for your help recently while one of our hygienists was away on honeymoon. It is so reassuring to know that we can call on ‘Fill The Gap’ at any time to provide a professional, courteous service for our patients. This helped us to ensure that the recall cycles in our Hygiene Department were not altered.

The positive feedback we had from our patients was tremendous as well.

Keep up the great work and see you soon.

Kindest regards,
Dr. Adam Keyes-Tilley