Fill the Gap is Melbourne's exclusive Hygienist ~ OHT agency. Founded in 2008 by a clinician with vision, it has profoundly changed the dental scene. 


Glenda Cowley


Founder Glenda Cowley is a London qualified Dental Hygienist with over 25 years of clinical experience and expertise in establishing dental hygiene departments in multiple practices throughout London, Sydney and Melbourne. 

As a clinician, Glenda's vast experience provides insights into what practices need; and that gives Fill the Gap the unprecedented unique edge.

What's unique about Fill the Gap?

Practice Profiling


All practices registered with Fill the Gap are visited by Glenda in order to understand their unique needs and compile a Practice specific profile.

Practices are matched with a Fill the Gap Hygienist who will be armed with information including your unique systems: scheduling, dental equipment, instrument range, computer systems, frequency of periodontal chart updating and X-rays required and in general, the way your practice runs.

Your Fill the Gap Hygienist will seamlessly pick up where your Hygienist left off with as little disruption as possible to your practice, patients and team.

Hygienist Profiling


Fill the Gap Hygienists are screened and selected by Glenda personally. As a clinician herself, she understands what dental practices need from a Hygienist.

The essential qualities Glenda looks for aside from a congenial personality are: adaptability, professionalism and experience minimum 5 years.

This is what gives Fill the Gap the unprecedented unique edge.

Fill the Gap Hygienists are highly sought after and are booked up quickly. So get organised and book ahead to avoid loss of income and disappointment. 

The Fill the Gap team is here for you … to step in when your Hygienist steps out. Book via email with detailed requests, including dates and hours for accuracy purposes.

Emergency bookings
for registered Practices: 
0405 229 226


For new registrations, general Practice enquiries and locum bookings:


‘When your Hygienist steps out … Fill The Gap steps in’